Friday, 3 February 2012


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I started this blog because I’d been using Facebook to indulge my love of cooking – I'd been regularly posting about what exactly I was cooking.

Of course, I know how these things work and, I’m sure that just as some of my friends enjoyed my food-obsessed status updates and congratulated on me on my good cooking results, others probably clicked ‘Hide posts from this person’.

Fair enough – if it’s not their interest, it could get irritating, just as I get tired of those people who only ever post if it’s about sport.

It wasn’t until a friend on Facebook said “Your status updates entertain my stomach.” I thought that was a really sweet comment and, Facebook being a general social media channel, I thought my cooking adventures would be better documented on a proper blog.

There are thousands of cooking blogs out there, but I hope you enjoy reading about my cooking and if you're anything like me, hopefully you get lots of great ideas from reading blogs like mine.